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Behind the restaurant’s laid-back atmosphere is the concept of ‘slow food’; quality, authentic dishes prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients are savored in the company of friends and family. Food is strictly made to order, and the menu is complemented by a large selection of daily specials, allowing patrons to sample a variety of recipes inspired by the age-old tradition of Italian cooking.

Signature dishes include a variety of home-made pastas, such as “Tagliatelle ai Porcini” (pasta ribbons served with porcini mushrooms) and “Tortelli di agnello” (delicate pasta parcels filled with lamb and fresh asparagus served in a double butter sauce). Meat lovers can tuck into a ‘Fiorentina steak’ (renowned Tuscan T-bone served sliced off the bone) or a ‘Filetto’ (tender, grilled beef fillet served with a choice of seasonal sauces). Chicken and pork dishes are also available and prepared following a variety of tantalizing recipes.

Desserts are, of course, all homemade. You will be tempted by desserts such as the decadent ‘Bongo’ (a pyramid of éclairs, filled with crème anglaise, and drizzled with rich, dark chocolate ganashe with crème anglaise and drizzled with rich chocolate ganashe, `Torta peperina’ (chocholate cake with a hint of chilli), Meringata’ orTiramisu’.